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Mobilino is a specialized site that provides you with everything you want to know about smartphones and electronic devices (phone prices, specifications, comparisons, reviews, latest news, downloads) all in one place so that you can buy your new phone after carefully researching the smallest details that you need to reach Easily into what you want and become a good experience

Our specialists fully review all the details and specifications of mobile phones (capacity – camera – battery – screen – etc …) in an accurate and detailed way so that you can know everything you want about each device, as well as performance special reviews to express their opinions as experts in the world of phones Smart and electronic devices to classify the advantages and disadvantages of each device.

Our goal
Update the rich and distinctive Arabic content without owning any company to facilitate the process of buying mobile phones in the Arab world, and to provide all mobile phone news in the market or it will be launched soon so that you can know if you have your phone now or wait for the next release and all device details.
Provide everything you want to know about the mobile you want to buy in one place, a detailed page for the phone’s specifications table, and a review of the most important advantages, disadvantages, and contents of the mobile phone.
Helping you get any phone displayed on the site at the lowest price it offers, and sending phone quotes in Egypt and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the possibility of direct online purchase.
Contact you to discuss any details about the phone you want to know and answer any questions or suggestions.
A special page to search for your phone that is published through a search filter, so you can choose the specifications you want and we will show you the phones that contain these specifications through us.
who are we

We are the Mobilino website team that is a team specialized in searching for the latest devices and making a full review and study for each device with all the details in order to help our website visitors to buy new phones

If you are a fan of electronic devices and the world of technology and want to join the Mobilino website team to download complete reviews about phones and electronic devices.

Do not hesitate to contact us from here or through our e-mail. [email protected]

We welcome you, dima.